WingCommander RC

High tech for comfort and safety.

Compact powerhouse:

The WingCommander is the world's most compact drive system for boats.

Energy saving drive technology:

The drive technology of the Wing Commander is optimized for minimal power consumption.

Fully electronic controls:

The straining control tasks are performed completely electronically. This makes the operation easy and manageable for everyone.

Line lengths up 150m:

The specially for yachting optimized linen concept makes it possible to launch the kite in light winds and then let it work efficiently in wind richer heights of up to 150 m.

Sail power x 10:

With a work height of up to 150 m and the possibility of active maneuvers the performance increases tremendously. Thus the kite reaches up to 10 times the performance of an equally large conventional sail.

Easy installation inboard and outboard:

The installation of the WingCommanders takes place by simply screwing it to the deck.

Under certain conditions, an integration into the boat structure is possible




Smart Technology

Simple and intuitive control:

You manually control the kite by joystick. The clear layout of the controls allows for intuitive handling

Customized commands:

At the push of a button...


Operating the WingCommander can be done with the controller from any position of the boat.

Smart Tech:

Smart Tech means for us as developers, that our system is never finished. For you, this means your WingCommander today is even better tomorrow and you can continuously benefit on the developments in the coming years, through the installation of updates.




Easy to use:

Kites of today are easy to use, easy to control, forgiving, and above all very safe.

Inexpensive and tested:

To consistently benefit from the development of this technically sophisticated sports equipment, we use various types of commercial kitesurfing-kites for our kite systems.

Always avaliable:

With the proliferation and the steady growth of the kite sport kites are widely available on favorable terms.



Module Components:

The autopilot has three components: a line sensor, a kite sensor and an extension for the controller.

Automated flight tasks:

The autopilot takes over to control the commands on longer trips, that can also manually run. It keeps flying predefined maneuvers, which can also be optimized manually by you.

Various flight modes:

The autopilot has three different flight modes.

Lying Eight: to generate the maximum power.

Hold mode: Holds the angle of the kite to the horizon.

Zenith: Sets the screen automatically to the zenith of the boat and keeps it there.

Intuitive handling: 

The autopilot can be intuitively activated, operated and optimized on several parameters.


Smart Tech means for us as developers, that our system is never finished. For you, this means your WingCommander today is even better tomorrow and you can continuously benefit on the Developments in the coming years, through the installation of updates.



 Intuitive display and operation:

The app allows to present all system-relevant parameters clearly and recognizable at a glance. Operation is intuitive via buttons, sliders, and primarily controlls the autopilot functions even easier.

Storable kite profile:

Each kite can be assigned its own control parameters. This improves the control behavior of the autopilot when using different kite sizes and types.


The voice output makes it possible to transmit warnings and system status information without having to look at the display.

Use of GPS:

The use of the integrated GPS in the terminal allows to output further information, such as price, speed and distance traveled.


Performance of a  Kite Sail

Most people are asking us: How fast is a boat with the kite and which course can I sail.Polardiagram2


There is no universal answer for this question. The performance depends on many different factors like lenght, weight and shape of the hull, as well as the kite used.

Comparison Kite - Sail

The chart shows the differences between the propulsion of a conventional sail in comparison with a kite sail.

In this case we compare the kite sail with a four times larger conventional sail.

 Sail: Main sail: 40m² 
   Fore sail: 15m²
   Spinnaker: 70m²
   Sum: 125m²
 Kite:  Kite size: 15m²
   Sum: 15m²

For the kite, we differ two different flight altitudes.

10m:  Line lenght 30m

50m: Line lenght 80-140m , 30° elevation (Standard Autopilot)



→ Down wind the kite offers an outstanding performance.

→ Upwind you have to use larger kites because the effect of activ movement of the kite reduces close to the edge of the wind window.

You want to know how fast your boat can be with a kite sail? Inquire a speed forecast for your boat.

*The values shown in the chart are forces

Which course can I sail?

Points of sail:

PolardiagramKurseThe answer for this question is the same as for the performance. There is no universal answer. More than for the performance, the shape of the hull influence the possible course.

Similar to the use of conventional sails, the size and shape of keel and rudder influences the upwind performance.

The chart shows the approximate performance of the different kind of boats.




→ Sailboat hull with large centerboard and rudder - up to 50° against the wind.

→ Motor boat with well marked keel and rudder - up to 90° against the wind.

→ Motor boat with planig hull and outboard engine - up to 130° against the wind.


*The chart shows angles not speeds.

Assume responsibility for nature and resources now!

A Kite-Propulsion-System will give you more range of motion and a backup strategy for your main engine!

Using Kites for boat propulsion saves the nature and replaces scarce resources with clean energy.


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Some examples of usage:


Sunnreef Damrak II

Sunnreef Damrak II LOA: 70ft Weight: 50t+ Engine: 2x 800PS Consumption: 80-250l/h Cruising with Kitesail(without engine support): Wind:8-12knt Kitesize: 21sqm Read More

Bertram 46.6

Bertram 46.6  LOA: 56ft Weight: ca.25t Engine: 2x 500PS Consumption: 100-150l/h Cruising with Kitesail(without engine support): Wind:8-12knt Kitesize: 11sqm Lines: Read More

Corsair 27

Corsair 27 Lenght: 8.25m Weight: ca.2t Sail area(conventional sail): aprox. 80qm cruising with Kite: Wind:6-8knt Kitesize: 13.5qm Lines: 140m Speed: Read More
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