the Kite-System for your sailing boat.

Our kite systems make it possible to power your boats with kites. Kites fly much higher than traditional sails where the wind can be as much as 2x the strength.  Additionally, due to the unique physics of kites the power generated can be as much as 10x as a similar sized convential sail - meaning a 10sqm kite can be the same as a 100sqm sail on a run.

The system is comprised of a touchscreen app, a kite control system, and an autopilot.  It can be installed on the deck or down below.

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Discard ballast!

Less ballast for trailer able boats.

Want to increase mobility? The ballast of your boat can be reduced to a bare minimum as a kite system does not need a heavy keel. This increases performance and simplifies trailering.

Kite instead of Rig!


A kite system is considerably less expensive than a conventional rig.

The system consists of less components. Maintenance and wear are limited to a minimum. The cost of placing the mast is eliminated entirely. Strong swaying in rough seas. No swinging masts in the harbor.

No more heeling!

Kiteboating is just as fun, but without the heeling.

The physics of a kite system minimizes heeling and lifts the bow. This stabilizes the boat in the water. Everyone is happy to sail with you. Below deck while underway becomes fun again.

Modern fun

Kiting is the new sailing.

You and your crew will love it. Kiteboating is an exciting mix of sailing and kiting. Whether it's relaxed cruising or being a bit more ambitious: it's a totally new experience for you and your friends.

Assume responsibility for nature and resources now!

A Kite-Propulsion-System will give you more range of motion and a backup strategy for your main engine!

Using Kites for boat propulsion saves the nature and replaces scarce resources with clean energy.


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Some examples of usage:


Sunnreef Damrak II

Sunnreef Damrak II LOA: 70ft Weight: 50t+ Engine: 2x 800PS Consumption: 80-250l/h Cruising with Kitesail(without engine support): Wind:8-12knt Kitesize: 21sqm Read More

Bertram 46.6

Bertram 46.6  LOA: 56ft Weight: ca.25t Engine: 2x 500PS Consumption: 100-150l/h Cruising with Kitesail(without engine support): Wind:8-12knt Kitesize: 11sqm Lines: Read More

Corsair 27

Corsair 27 Lenght: 8.25m Weight: ca.2t Sail area(conventional sail): aprox. 80qm cruising with Kite: Wind:6-8knt Kitesize: 13.5qm Lines: 140m Speed: Read More
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